Partnering & Licensing Opportunities

Adherex is interested in pursuing partnerships with larger and intermediate-sized pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for the following programs:


  • Eniluracil - Eniluracil is a dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD) inhibitor that was previously under development by GSK for oncology indications.  Eniluracil is being developed by Adherex to enhance the therapeutic value and effectiveness of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), one of the world’s most widely-used oncology agents.
  • ADH-1 - ADH-1, our lead biotechnology compound, is an N-cadherin antagonist being developed for use in cancer, either alone or in combination with other therapies, such as anti-angiogenics, biologics, radiation and chemotherapy.
  • STS - Adherex is developing sodium thiosulfate (STS) to protect against the hearing loss often associated with platinum-based chemotherapies
  • Small molecule N-cadherin antagonists – Adherex has orally available peptidomimetics in preclinical development that are active at N-cadherin binding sites with greater potency profiles than ADH-1, our lead peptide N-cadherin antagonist
  • OB-cadherin antagonists - Adherex has peptide OB-cadherin antagonists in preclinical development to reduce or slow down the metastatic spread of tumors
  • VE-cadherin antagonists – Adherex has peptide VE-cadherin antagonists in preclinical development that display both angiolytic and antiangiogenic properties
  • Non-cancer assets – Adherex’s intellectual property portfolio includes technologies that may have application for various indications outside of oncology, including vascular pathologies such as restinosis, angiogenesis-dependent pathologies such as cardiac ischemia, and neurology pathologies such as demyelinating diseases

Companies interested in exploring partnering opportunities for any of these programs should contact Adherex at or 919-484-8484.